Biševo (Blue Cave), Brusnik, Sv. Andrija

Bring your own music and enjoy!

Departure: 9 AM
Duration: 10 hours
Price includes: insurance,boat ride,skipper,fuel,safety gear, soft drinks & water, one meal (lunch package), SUP boards, snorkeling gear
Level: easy and children friendly
Min. pax: 5

We offer this tour regarding the weather condition and we keep the right to cancel it in case of bad weather. In this case your money will be refunded.

Price per person: 140 € / 1050 kn

This boat tour starts from our base in Milna bay on south-east side of island Vis. Short after departure first stop will be island of Ravnik and its natural phenomena GREEN CAVE. After leaving Green cave we continue our adventure in direction west towards island of Biševo well known because for its two caves: famous Blue and less known Monk Seal cave on the south side of the island. Vulcan islet of Brusnik is some half hour ride after we leave island Biševo. It is protected area of the nature from 1951.
During stay on this unique island we can snorkel, stand up paddle, swim and explore the islet, We can also  try to spot endemic black lizard.
Islet itself is really small (150 m wide and 200 m long) so you can literally swim or paddle around it and at the same time enjoy its incredible underwater world. Lunch time is planned on island of St. Andrew, just 2 nautical miles away. On this island, also known as Throne of the Adriatic, I suggest panoramic hiking.That way you will find out why some call it Throne. Following the path uphill at some point you might be rewarded with a glass of local red wine which has brought glory to this island in the past and spectacular view of the area. After returning on the boat and one hour of afternoon navigation we are back from where we’ve started.

  • Towel

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Swimming shoes

  • Bathing suit

  • Hiking shoes

Biševo-Brusnik- Sv. Andrija boat tour

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    Sv. Andrija Climb up the Thron of the Adriatic

    Sveti Andrija (meaning Saint Andrew), often called Svetac (Croatian meaning saint)
    It is situated some 13 nautical miles from west shores of Vis island. It is uninhabited, although it used to have permanent residents. Now members of Zanki family effectively live there four to six months a year, still keeping up the houses of their grandfathers, fishing, making famous red wine and olive oil. Most of members of Zanki family who own this, biggest  private island in Adriatic, live in Komiža now (14 nm east). Taking the fact that island is in open seas, without any natural protected bay, gives even greater respect to members of this family who managed to survive there for centuries, and furthermore created a special kind of living, especially today. The island is a breeding ground for a small number of Eleonora’s falcons, a rare bird with only c. 80 nesting pairs estimated to live in Croatia. The falcons migrate to Madagascar every September and return to their nests in April.


    The island is some 11 NM west from island of Vis, and 2 NM south-west from the island of Svetac (Sv. Andrija). This small island has a great story to tell. Fishermen from Komiža used to live here (like the cavemen) during winter months, hunting lobsters for the rich banquets of Europe’s metropolises. In 1951, the island was declared a geological monument of nature. On the island, there is the endemic species black lizard.


    Biševo is situated five kilometers southwest of the Island of Vis. Its area is 5.8 km2 and it has a population of 15 (as of 2011). On the steep shores there are many caves, the most famous being Blue Cave. It has been accessible since 1884, and the approach to the cave is only possible by boat. Between 10 am and 1 pm  sunbeams that penetrate through the submarine opening in Blue Cave are reflected from the white bottom floor,
    colouring the cave blue and objects in the water silver.