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 Yoga – Rent – School – Night SUP



We provide hard and inflatable JP Australia paddle boards of various sizes. Rent a SUP for an hour, half day, full day or weekly.


There is absolutely no need for prior experience of Yoga or Stand Up Paddle. We welcome all levels, from beginners to pros, aiming to provide a unique experience of Yoga.

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“Stand Up Paddling” and Yoga have a lot in common, including both mental clarity and exercise for the entire body. SUP YOGA is  a unique experience of yoga lessons on a paddle board over the crystal clear sea. Being on the water adds new challenges that only benefit you and your practice. The water and SUP BOARDS (mobile yoga mat) allows a deeper challenge of finding our balance, focus and truly connecting to your breath. Imagine nature being your studio and the board your mat. There is absolutely no need for prior experience of Yoga or Stand up Paddle. We welcome all levels, from beginners to pros, aiming to provide a unique experience of Yoga.

  • We create small teams up to 10 people but it is possible to have a private lessons.
  • Early mornings and sunset classes are best for  yoga, but we can arrange for whatever time of day works best for you.
  • Usually  yoga is hold every morning at 09:00 and afternoon in 18:00 at Milna bay but we provide boat transfers so yoga can be hold in a remote islands or hidden isolated bays up to request.


There are lots of great places to paddle around Vis and we can recommend the perfect spot for you. We’ll advise you regarding the tour and directions so you can take advantage of the wind and weather to maximize your enjoyment and stay safe.

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The scenery is  beautiful and there are many coves, quiet bays and inlets to explore such that a tour can be tailored to a beginners (weather permitting), as well as a stronger paddle-boarder looking for a long distance work out.

We can launch you in Milna bay and recommend you the best SUP tours but we also provide boat trips to the remote islands which is a combination of the boat trip and Stand Up Paddle tour. You will have a unique experience of paddling in area of special beauty and unique nature. We will guide you, exploring distant uninhibited islands with Stand Up Paddle boards.


If you are not experienced paddler we recommend you to take one hour of instructions. During lessons we’ll give you the information about: safety on the sea, familiarity with Stand Up Paddle, using the paddle for stability and basic paddle strokes and turns. We conduct our lessons in a secluded, crowd-free location. It is a great lesson / tour fit for beginners that can sustain 1-1.5 hours of physical activity. We supply you with boards, paddles and fun; you supply us with your smile and positive attitude.



Stand Up Paddle at night is so much fun, and it is definitely worth trying. The lights are placed under the boards so you can watch the underwater life while paddling under the stars.


1 hour: 14 € / 100 kn
1/2 day: 36 € / 270 kn
1 day: 50 € / 380 kn
SUP 7 days: 200 € / 1500 kn

16 € / 120 kn per hour

WINDSURF SUP (beginners level):
40 € / 300 kn per hour

20 € / 150 kn – 1 hour 

20 € / 150 kn – 1.5 hours 

WHAT TO BRING: Towel, Hat, Sunscreen, Bathing suit, Bottle of water, Mobile phone (we will provide waterproof bag)